• Donations are vital to helping families currently “in the fight” and additional research for the cure.
  • Currently our federal Government allots 4% for ALL childhood cancer treatments and research.
  • This is not acceptable and our children deserve more.
  • One promise I made to Garrett is that I would never stop fighting for the cure and for our children.
  • Two ways in which the GWEB Never Forgotten foundation will allocate its funds to families in need of financial help such as medical bills, travel expenses, hotel and long term rental help, medical equipment and funeral expenses.
  • The second way we will donate is to Dr. Nick Vitanza’s lab at Seattle Children’s Hospital for treatment research for new and or current treatments.
  • The gut wrenching reality is that the average survival rate for DIPG patients is less than 1 year from diagnosis. Families are told to “go home and make memories.”

You can donate to the GWEB Foundation by clicking this button or scanning the QR code below.