Finding a Cure

Currently there is NO cure for DIPG

Radiation and chemotherapy are common practices but certainly not a cure. When given the news that our children have terminal cancer called DIPG, we are told we have on average about 9 months to go home and make memories. I often ask people, how would they react if it was one of their children and that was the news they got?

The federal government allocates a very small amount of federal funding for all childhood cancers, and even less for DIPG . With that being said, it is imperative that we continue the fight and help to find new research, more clinical trials to help to find the cure for our children.

Every T-shirt sold, each golf tournament, and every walkathon to name a few ,make a big difference.

Your generous and thoughtful donation also goes 100% to finding a cure, and or helping families out that are currently in the fight of their lives.

  • We must do better !
  • We must keep fighting!
  • We must keep donating and helping the families in need!
  • We must never give up!
  • Our children need us!
  • Your children need us!

…. One thing I promised Garrett before he passed was that I would never give up the fight!

I have been incredibly blessed to meet people that are also in the fight and that will never stop and with that being said, we have an army and we will make progress!

You can count on that.